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Phone covers – introducing our new shopping line

Buy ninja phone covers now with Epic Japan Art’s new product line!

Announcing our first phone cover starring the rope-climbing ninja

We’re starting with the famous Hokusai ninja manga to adorn our iPhone covers. (Alas, Samsungs have a camera lens in just the wrong place for this design! If you really want one, just leave us a comment and we’ll try our best to produce a Samsung version.)

ninja phone cover - iphone

Want it? Shop for the ninja phone cover here

Phone models available: iPhone x | iPhone 8 plus | iPhone 8 | iPhone 7 plus | iPhone 7
Background colours: White or Zinc (grey)

Want a different colour? Leave us a comment below. 🙂

Why did you choose the ninja for a phone cover?

This image came to us as the perfect design for martial arts enthusiasts, entrepreneurs (heard of a tech ninja?), lovers of vintage Japanese manga… almost anyone, really! The shape of this design is long and has a portrait orientation, so putting it on a canvas or poster is much less impactful. But we really wanted to use this image, so, in a flash of inspiration, we decided to add phone covers! So now your inner ninja can hide in plain sight!

Our choice to keep the image lightly distressed and only slightly colour corrected was as a mark of respect to the original master – Hokusai – who drew this picture. We love the vintage Ukiyo-e look.

His design was possibly influenced by the theatre, as it’s unlikely he ever saw an assassin himself! But the detail in the drawing makes it feel authentic, such as the tabi shoes that the ninja uses to grip the rope and the hints of hidden weapons poking out here and there.

What is a ninja?

Most people know of the fabled Japanese assassins, said to be able to walk through walls and disappear in a puff of smoke. But ninjutsu is a real martial art that is still practiced today, by people all over the world. Like Karate or Judo, there are official organisations that train students. Not very sneaky, you might say! However, these students are learning a fun and varied discipline that takes in weapons and unarmed techniques, and use it for self-defence only. At least, that’s what they told us 😉

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