Who are we?

Epic Japan Art is a small business based near Glasgow, in Scotland, who offer Japanese posters and canvas prints produced in the UK from high-def images of famous Ukiyo-e (Floating World) masters and other woodblock print artists. We also offer beautiful photography of Japan and its people – more modern and some vintage too!

Why do we do it?

We’ve been interested in Japanese art and culture for many years, after beginning a martial arts class. We loved it, got hooked, and travelled to Japan to study with the grandmaster.

Our first trip was like nothing we’d ever experienced! The first time we felt the earth literally move during a small tremor, the amazing food, the beautiful surroundings, the care and kindness shown by every person we met along our travels… it made us fall in love with Japan and we still are to this day!

The art of Japan was a world opened up to us much earlier, via anime and manga in the 1980s. Our first trip to a museum for an Ukiyo-e exhibition showed where these art forms came from. And blew our minds.

Why should you shop with us?

We know we’re just “gaijin”. We’ll never be what you would call experts on Japan. But what we want to share our love of the beautiful art form by offering affordable poster and canvases that showcase the masters of the woodblock print.

We only use pixel-perfect and museum quality source material. We ensure they’re high-resolution files that the majority the prints can be blown up to make a great impact on your house, office, or dojo!. We’ve got them hanging in our own home because they are a quality product that we are delighted to share with the world.

Because we print and ship from the UK, if you live here you will save on shipping as you might if you source your posters and prints from overseas.

So, if you’re a fan of manga, anime, or even J-pop and you want to know more about the roots of the culture…

If you’re a martial artist who practices a Japanese discipline…

If you just love the “miyabi” (elegance and grace) of Japanese woodblock prints…

Explore our range today!

Epic Japan Art

(PS, Epic Japan Art is a part of the Jellydigio company)