Kimono Phone Cover – Hiroshige’s Japanese Woman on Bridge


Utagawa Hiroshige‘s woodblock of a beautiful woman in a kimono enjoying the evening breeze on Ryōgoku Bridge, on a phone case.

Click the image to see a closeup and detail.

Available as a phone cover for modern iPhone variations. Please choose your model below.

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A beautiful kimono and graceful movement make this vintage style phone cover feminine and elegant.

This lady is enjoying the cool breeze on the Ryōgoku Bridge, an Edo (Tokyo) bridge over the Sumida. It had a graceful arch and was an inspiration to many artists. Hiroshige painted it many times.

This is a Hiroshige work, but it is under the family name Utagawa, which means it was probably earlier on in his career when he worked for Utagawa Toyohiro. It is a Bijin-ga, an image of a beautiful woman that was popular material of the time. Her red under-kimono, elaborate hair, and the fact that she has exposed the back of her neckline mean that it is possible she was an oiran (a high-class courtesan), not geisha. Although we in the west have trouble telling the difference, it would be important to know in Japan!

Due to the position of the camera lens, this image will only be available in full wrap-round for iPhones. If you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy and you really, really want this image on  your phone, please leave a comment below and we’ll see what we can do!

  • Made from slim, glossy, high-quality plastic.
  • Design wraps around to cover the back and sides of the case.
  • Designed to snap on to the back of the phone.

Colour information:

  • Colour repre­sen­ta­tion is only as accurate as the web design process allows.

Additional information

Phone model

iPhone x, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 7

Case colour

white, zinc


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