Kinhyoshi Yorin, Hero of the Water Margin – Canvas


Canvas. A hero of the epic tale “Water Margin” strides through the marshes with katana and naginata (sword and halberd). He puts on a straw hat and raincoat over his elaborately decorated clothing as the breeze whips through, making leaves fly.

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Also known as Yang Lin, Kinhyoshi Yorin is a character drawn from the Suikoden (Water Margin) an epic story beloved in both Chinese and Japanese tradition. Popular for hundreds of years, it was made into a TV series in the 1970s featuring Japanese actors.

Many martial arts enthusiasts have enjoyed this retelling in west and east alike, and here we present a beautiful art print by the Japanese artist Kuniyoshi, one of the “last great masters” of the Ukiyo-e woodcut print style.

Artist: Utagawa Kuniyoshi
Date: around 1826
Original Type: Ukiyo-e woodcut
Canvas: 10×12 to 30×40 inch sizing, wrapped canvas

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8×12 inches (A4 approx), 12×16 inches (A3 approx), 16×24 inches (A2 approx), 30×24 inches (A1 approx), 40×30 inches (just under A0)


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