Samurai on Horseback poster


Digital poster print of ink drawing of Samurai original by unknown Japanese artist from around 1878.

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Yabusame, or the art of horseback archery, is the theme of this beautiful image. We’ve brought out the vibrance of the original colours in a stunning print of this traditional Japanese style painting.

The warrior in this image carries a bow and quiver, and a tachi sword on the hip with a fur covered scabbard and and ring toggle. The suit of armour he wears includes the O-sode, or large shoulder guards, and intricate braiding that can also be found on the Do or cuirass. His right arm is less covered, which allows for drawing of the bow, and his horse is the stocky, smaller stock common in Japan.

Kyūdō , the modern version of archery is not practiced on horseback, but as with every martial art that the Japanese people have come to develop, it’s with a deep appreciation of the philosophy behind it.

Artist: Unknown
Date: Possibly 1878
Original Type: Ink drawing
Size: A4 to A1 sizing, gloss or matte finish

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A4, A3, A2, A1


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