Warrior climbing a mountain with full moon – ukiyoe canvas


Yoshitoshi Ukiyo-e print on canvas. “Inabayama no Tsuki” – Hideyoshi climbing Mt. Inaba. Black matte (surround) effect on box canvas, including sides.

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Hideyoshi, the warrior climbing this mountain, is one the most famous fighters in Japan, and with good reason. A peasant by birth, he rose through the ranks of the army until he became the most powerful lord in the realm.

This woodcut print shows him climbing Mount Inaba to get to a weak spot in the walls of the castle that perched up there. He carries a large gourd and a sword on his back, and is leading an unseen attack force to invade the fortress. Yoshitoshi painted this as number 7 in “100 Aspects of the Moon”, and it shows just one of the many daring feats attributed to Hideyoshi.

This print comes on a black background, which completes this night scene, so our wrapped canvas has a black side border. Please note, this print is slightly different from some other versions, in that the artist’s signature and some writing has been cropped, but this happened in the original print that we sourced, and not as a result of our digital restoration. We have kept the texture of the original rice paper it was printed on to add a vintage vibe to this gorgeous canvas!

Artist: Taiso Yoshitoshi
Date: 1880s
Original Type: Ukiyo-e woodcut
Canvas: 8×12 to 30×40 inch sizing, wrapped canvas

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Dimensions N/A
Canvas Size

8×12 inches (A4 approx), 12×16 inches (A3 approx), 16×24 inches (A2 approx), 30×24 inches (A1 approx), 40×30 inches (just under A0)


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